“Our leaders are but trusted servants, they do not govern.”

President: Barry H., through Dec. 2018
  • Chairs Board and Club Assembly meetings
  • Manages operations and business affairs for the club
  • Responsible for community outreach on behalf of the club
  • Principal liaison between Board and groups meeting at the club
Vice-President:  Dan G., through Dec, 2018
  • Insures that all club facilities are properly maintained
  • Responsible for providing all necessary services to groups that meet at the club
  • Enforces all house and ground rules
Treasurer:  Alan G., through Dec, 2018
  • Receives all funds from groups meeting at the club
  • Pays all club operating expenses approved by the Board
  • Returns surplus funds to groups meeting at the club
  • Submits monthly financial accounting and detailed quarterly financial report
Vice-Treasurer: Bill L., through Dec, 2019
  • Responsible for Club Support Account and Building Fund
  • Maintains membership dues records and a list of the names and contact information of all club members in good standing
Secretary:  Paula, through Dec 2019
  • Keeps minutes of all Board and Club Assembly meetings
  • Conducts all correspondence on behalf of the club
  • Updates and posts a current schedule of all meetings held at the club
  • Gives all notices required by the Bylaws
Vice-Secretary: Lonnie W., through Dec 2019
  • Maintains a list of all persons with keys to the club
  • Maintains a list of all groups meeting at the club and a contact person for each group
Director:  Mark J. through Dec 2018  
Director:  Greg Z. through Dec. 2019
Director:  Victor C. through Dec. 2019  

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