The voluntary dues of our club members help us to carry the message of recovery.

Members as of January 2018

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Requirements for membership in the club are as follows: (a) not less than thirty (30) days of continuous recovery in a 12-Step Recovery Group; (b) a desire to participate in the club’s activities; and (c) payment of monthly dues as set by a majority vote of the club’s members. Currently, dues are $10 per month or $100 for one year. Club membership is not required to attend meetings at the club. The Rainbow Recovery Club is a separate entity and has no formal affiliation with any autonomous group meeting at the club. If you would like to become a member, just fill out and submit a Club Application. You can pay dues online here. Please remember that club dues are purely voluntary and are not tax deductible.
Name Member in Good Standing
Elliot B through April 2012
Kenneth B through June 2012
Kenny B through December 2014
Carlton C through September 2012
Eric D through October 2011
Stephen D through November 2011
Jason F through January 2012
Alan G through August 2012
Chris G through October 2011
Hubert G through August 2011
Johnny G through October 2011
Brian H through April 2012
Dale H through March 2012
Hiran H through July 2012
Bill L through November 2011
Juan L through December 2011
Mike L through September 2012
CJ M through February 2012
Gene M through August 2012
Stan M through October 2012
Ty M through October 2011
Maureen McC through August 2012
Mac McG through April 2011
Pedro P indefinitely (in-kind donations)
Wayne P through September 2012
Dana R through January 2012
Holden S through April 2011
Jim VK through September 2011
Brian W through April 2012
Tim W through July 2011

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