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  1. Alan

    Rainbow Recovery Club: 20 Years of Service

    The non-profit charitable organization that administers the Rainbow Recovery Club celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. I wanted to take this opportunity to look back and record some of my personal recollections of the events that led to our founding. This is mostly from memory, so my apologies for any inaccuracies. The first “special interest” AA meeting that I attended was Tampa’s Lambda Group, which met every Friday at MCC when it was still on Concordia Avenue. This meeting eventually grew quite large and had to move to a larger venue, which I will call Nameless Church. I remember sitting there one night and counting heads; about ninety sober lesbians and gays. Another night we were conducting our “meeting after the meeting” in the church parking lot when a man approached one of our group members and asked her, “Is this a gay meeting?” The woman turned and gave the man “The Look”. I had been the recipient of “The Look” on more than a few occasions in my early sobriety, so I knew from experience that it could freeze hydrogen in distant galaxies. Fixing him with her icy stare, she informed him, “This is a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous.”...

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