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HideThis blog is maintained by an NA member. Vicky shares his experience, strength and hope through these blog. Fell free to make comments and also to sale hello to Vickie.
  1. Vickie L

    A little glimpse into my life

    I was infected with HIV in 1985 from my fiancé who shot dope as a teen in New York. What a gift he gave me. I spent the next few years in a drunken, coked out haze of parties and hangovers. I made a conscious choice; if I was dying (that is what I believed at the time), I was going to go out with a bang. And what a bang I made. I thought I was the only women in the world who was positive. Luckily, the HIV+ gay guys welcomed me into their support groups and advocacy efforts. Thanks guys, you are loved and missed. In the early 90’s, I was involved in various fundraisers, ACT up marches,...

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